Unifiber Baseplate Tendon Joint HD (U-Pin)

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A baseplate to meet the needs of Heavy Duty users. Equipped with a high-quality polyurethane tendon of optimum stiffness, it offers the correct feeling to help rail your board within the sweet spot.

Also features an EVA layer that both protects the board's mast track area and secures the plate, whilst remaining easy to secure and release. Look no further if you require a top of the range baseplate.


Pros & Cons

👍 Proven durability Tendon Joint HD.

👍 EVA covered disk creates solid connection with easy fitting and removal.

👍 U-pin mounted on M10 internal thread. Stronger than M8 options.

👍 Tendon Joint reduces sideway movement compared to Power Joint or Boge Joint options.

👍 Easy to replace Tendon Joint.

👎 Less shock absorption compared to Power Joint or Boge Joint options.

👎 Total height greater than Pro Tendon design.






What does 1 Year Unconditional + 1 Year Conditional warranty cover?

  • Warranty is valid 2 years after date of purchase. When making a warranty claim in the first year the product is unconditionally warranted. When making a warranty claim in the 2nd year the product must have clearly suffered from a manufacturer error.





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