Connelly Voodoo Wakeboard

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 Connelly Voodoo Wakeboard

High on Adrenaline has the best collection of wakeboards on the market. With endless brands, styles, and sizes, it is very easy to find your perfect match for any outing. High On Adrenaline understands the difference a good quality wakeboard makes. As the number one provider for wakeboarders across the country, our customers always leave satisfied. Our collection contains wakeboards from the best brands in the market. High On Adrenaline has the highest quality on the market, with safety being our biggest concern. There is no better place to look other than here providing great quality, service and passion.

The Connelly Voodoo wakeboard has a near supernatural ability to tailor to any style or skill level. A wide tip and tail add surface area supporting riders who might normally need a longer kiteboard. Thermo Shell construction delivers a light, buoyant epoxy type feel that can withstand minor bumps and dings. The hybrid style design utilizes a twin 3.6” Futures fin setup and swallow tail for consistent tracking.

You’re free to bring other boards on the boat but this quiver killer is going to see the most time on the wave. A wide tip and tail add to total surface area for a supportive ride. Thermo Shell construction delivers a light, buoyant epoxy type feel that can withstand light bumps and dings. The Voodoos hybrid stylings can hang way back on a wave and is reactive enough to boost forward on command.

  1. Hybrid design
  2. Thermo Shell construction
  3. EPS foam core
  4. Full EVA pad
  5. Twin Futures 3.6” fins


Connelly sales are only provided within the USA. Orders normally ship in 3-5 business days and should arrive at destination approximately 7 business days after the ship date.

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