Flysurfer VMG Kitesurfing Kite

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Flysurfer VMG Kitesurfing Kite

Elite Kitesurfing kites on sale now. With over twenty brands, you are sure to find the right kite for you. There are plenty of places to get kites, but quality has become scarce. High On Adrenaline has the highest quality kitesurfing kites in the market, with safety being our biggest concern. There is no better place to look other than here providing great quality, service and passion.

VMG Kitesurfing Kite, Race

The VMG: revolutionary, highly efficient, extremely fast. The FLYSURFER technology showcase is a masterpiece of German engineering specially developed for the Olympic hydrofoil kite racing sports. Tested in competition, untouchable on the racetrack, easy to maintain. Increase your performance and leave your competition behind!




VMG … born on the racecourse

The VMG kitesurfing kite is a revolutionary concept in hydrofoil racing that is the pinnacle of 5 years of development. It is created to put cutting-edge technology in the hands of world-class athletes, who are striving for the Olympic gold medal. 

FLYSURFER’s R&D mastermind Benedikt Boelli gathered our top racers to mark a huge step forward in the evolution of kite-design to develop the world’s first two bridle level (A,B) race kite. The VMG changes its angle of attack in a highly effective manner in contrast to the conventional change of the profile camber without the help of an additional Z-level. 

The VMG kitesurfing kite shines with straightforward simplicity and a unique system that distinguishes it from all our foil-kite products. The use over time with high-performance wings is one of the biggest challenges of kite-racing. Only the athletes who are good at maintaining their equipment remain competitive. 

Technical Data

Wind Range




Two-Level Bridle Design (A, B)

The first competition kite with a two-level bridle design in the history of kite sports. The low-stretch Edelrid Kevlar-bridle reduces drag to an absolute minimum and activates the VMG’s incredible upwind performance. The innovative kite changes its angle of attack in a highly efficient manner in contrast to the conventional change of the profile camber over the Z level. 



Rigid Airfoil

The two-level bridle design requires a particularly rigid internal construction to perfectly support the reduced bridles. The profile of the VMG is additionally reinforced with fiberglass rods integrated into the internal rib construction. The rods are protected at the ends and can be replaced.  


Smooth Leading Edge Technology

The VMG Kitesurfing kite gets a special material mix. Inelastic Skytex32 on the leading edge, proven X-Light top and bottom sail as the best combination of weight and robustness and to support the inner structure. The use of these high quality materials enables a very rigid wing and particularly low from the center to the wing tips. 




Speed Mode

The VMG is controlled by a one pulley on each wing side and has no mixer, the feeling this gives is special. The holding forces increase with the force development of the kite. This enables defined and precise feedback at the bar as if you had the entire surface of the kite in your hand. 

Kitesurfing Kite Includes

  1. Total package includes:

    1x VMG Kite-only
    1x VMG Kitebag
    1x Fiberglass Rod Set for half of the wingspan
    1x Repair Kit
    1x Kite Safety Guide








The VMG kitesurfing kite shines through extraordinary simplicity and incredible upwind performance. The pull you feel on the harness hook increases proportionally with the speed you ride at. This makes the VMG a very predictable kite that continuously produces controllable pull, even in turbulent conditions. The depower is very effective and provides the necessary security. 

VMG2 vs VMG1

The VMG2 is more stable in turbulent conditions and has a stiffer construction. It covers a large wind range, has excellent depower and its upwind performance is unmatched. The Skytex material on the leading edge offers very good performance in moist air or in the rain. The VMG2 kitesurfing kite shines with its bar feedback. 


In combination with a hydrofoil, the VMG2 is clearly more powerful and requires a very experienced kiter to extract the full performance. The longevity is significantly lower. The SONIC is designed for riders who like to go fast, jump high and need an easily accessible low end. The user-friendliness is well above the VMG. 

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