PLKB Kitesurfing Control Bar Compass Snow (Complete)

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The PLKB Compass SNOW Complete is a composed product dedicated for the snow kites. The Compass SNOW comes with a seperate Brake line and 5th line set. Check on how to assemble the products. The Compass bar is used for all PLKB Depower Foil and LEI kites.

The all-new Compass Bar has been redesigned with an all-new Quick Release with easy Click Recovery. With many new features such as Ceramic Ball Bearings, Pre-Stretched SK75 lines, 3D grip, Replaceable Loops and with new looks, the Compass bar is all you need.

The Compass Bar LEI will replace the Navigator, Aviator and Magnet Bar. The bar comes in 2 versions; the LEI and FOIL version, but they are interchangeable. The LEI version comes with 22m lines, and is easy to be complemented with a 5th line and brake line to be used for the Lynx, Ibex and Raw. The FOIL version comes with 18m lines and includes a brake line.

*The bar is excluding the new PLKB Leash.





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