PLKB Kitesurfing Accessories G10 Fins Black (Set of 4)

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The PLKB G10 Kiteboarding Fins (set of 4) are made from super strong G10 material for durable quality. The Fins are asymmetrically shaped to create more upwind performance and grip due to the wing-shaped profile.

40mm is perfect for the PLKB Capital board to have a playful board easy for tricks and to switch from heel- to toeside.

45mm is perfect for the PLKB Shepherd board, a more playful Patrol board or a good choice for a Capital board with more grip. 45mm fins is a balance between riding with grip and playful riding easier to switch from heel- to toeside.

50mm is perfect for the PLKB Patrol board or to have more grip with the Shepherd or Capital board. 50mm fins give more grip for upwind riding and grip for high jumps.

They come complete with 8 screws.




  • SKU: (40mm) BKPL0104, (45mm) PL100200120, (50mm) BKPL0105
  • Description: PLKB G10 fins black (set of 4)
  • Master Carton Length: 26 cm
  • Master Carton Width: 20 cm
  • Master Carton Height: 10 cm
  • Master Carton QTY: 10
  • HS-Code: 95062900
  • Volume: (40mm) 0.00052 m³, (45mm) 0.00104 m³, (50mm) 0.00052 m³
  • Warranty Term: 1 Year Unconditional + 1 Year Conditional


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