Shin suprahydro SH 950 Hydro Foil

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A high-performance freeride setup this range combines straight-line stability, early take-off speeds and a carving ability only limited by your imagination and resolve. With a moderate to high aspect ratio, the top speed is exhilarating with plenty of glide ideal for both light winds and moves where the kite is not loaded (around the world anyone?) and a confidence-inspiring stability that maintains lift and control even when breaching the wing tip. New for 2022 is our multi-discipline Fuser 580 fuselage giving an ultra-stiff wing mounting strong enough for those who like to jump and an integrated rear wing attachment reducing drag in the perfectly matched G10 stabiliser. A perfect cocktail of profile, anhedral, and rake the Suprahydro performs whether carving, jumping, or lightwind cruising.


CARBON MAST SIZES 60cm, 75cm, 82cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm

ALUMINUM MAST SIZES 60cm, 75cm and 90cm


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