Shinn Monk X Prismatic Kitesurf Boards

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Here it is…. the Monk X is the 10th generation of one of the worlds most popular kiteboards.

Crisp and sharp performance in an industry leading package that combines unbelievable chop handling, amazing carving. With the Monk X we bring you a kiteboard that can grip, rip and slash without causing your knees and back to pay the price for it.

Utilizing our unique multi-ridge/concave base design and exclusive Fan tail Exhaust tips every feature of the Monk has been designed to redirect the water flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible creating a deck where the dynamic flex pattern is able to function with the hydro-dynamics – not against.

Here in Shinn we don’t view freeride as the poor relation to freestyle – the Monk X features all of our cutting-edge technology putting into your hands (or feet) more grip, drive and POP than ever before all the while wrapped up in a package of chop eating, plush comfort. 


Shinn Monk X Prismatic Kiteboard chart

Kieboard Flexibility

Shinn Monk X Prismatic Kiteboard Flexibility

Main Kitebaord Features

  1. Crisp and sharp feeling, amazing carving ability
  2. Insane Chop Handling & Ease of Use
  3. Improved Grip & Efficiency

Kiteboard Sizes

  1. 132 X 40 (43mm fins) (rider < 80kg)
  2. 134 x 41cm (53mm fins) (rider 75 - 85kg)
  3. 136 x 42cm (53mm fins) (rider 80 – 90kg)
  4. 138 x 43cm (53mm fins) (rider 85 – 95kg)
  5. 140 x 44 (53mm fins) (rider > 80kg)



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