Shinn Resurector V2 3.5 M Wind Surfing Wings

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Improved in every way – stable, powerful, and yet delightfully playful the Resurector V2 delivers industry leading performance in an easy-to-use package.

Reducing the strut length has created a more compact wing with effortless drift and flagging properties. The profile has been refined to deliver improved speed and upwind ability without compromising on the low-end starting power and pump-ability. The V2 delivers smooth and precise power control with excellent sensitivity to rider input.

To reduce tailing edge hooking and flapping the panel layout has been revised combined with a new upper strut profile - all designed to improve canopy tension without resorting to heavier, stiffer material.

The V2 also features our new Chrystal clear window material which is resistant to both cold weather and creasing ensuring your view is as good in 6 months as the first day on the water.

Outstanding for wave riding, down-winding and newcomers to the sport alike.



For 2022 we move to a 3-handle configuration with the front and rear becoming elongated and the central one smaller. The elongated handles are both easier to grab in a hurry and allow every rider to find exactly the right spot (the balance of the wing can change with rider style and wing inflation pressure). The central handle let you fly the wing one-handed and features attachment points for a harness line.



This new for 2022 profile better supports the canopy profile extending the useable wing range of the wing and increasing pumping efficiency. Attaching the canopy directly to the rear section of the strut ensures zero deflection from the designed shape.



Relocated for 2022, there is no perfect position for the window however positioning it closer to the wingtip allows a safe field of view when the wing is in the normal riding position. Constructed with our Chrystal clear technology these windows will not fade, crease or crack no matter the temperature.



With the use of 2 high pressure inflation points we can differentiate the pressure in the leading edge and strut. 1 PSI more in the strut will improve the wing handling and rigidity especially when jumping. Deflation of the wing is also much faster – ideal in less than perfect climates.


  • Shorter strut for more compact feel and extraordinary flagging stability
  • Thinned profile is faster, lighter in the hands and superior upwind
  • Enhanced canopy tension reduces trailing edge flutter and hooking
  • Chrystal clear window technology resists creasing, cracking and fading
  • Long-short-long handle configuration ensures the perfect hand positions for everyone
  • 5mm coiled PU leash included
  • Twin inflation points allow for increased pressure in the strut, improving handling
  • Perfect for wave riders, downwinders and newcomers to the sport


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