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The Sublue H1+ Smart Waterproof Phone Case is more than just a phone case, its advanced features are a must-have for your water adventures.

Sublue H1 and H1+ Smart Waterproof Phone Cases can be used with Sublue’s top-rated underwater scooters.

  • H1 and H1+ attach perfectly well with WhiteShark MixPro using its built-in floater.
  • Choose WhiteShark Tini Travel, which comes with a floater, and easily attach H1 or H1+ to get that positive buoyancy to snorkel and fly through the water.
  • Support H1 or H1+ using a Sublue Expandable Phone Clip Kit atop any Navbow or Navbow+ and capture the most stunning underwater images.


Key Features

Record Real-Time Data For Safer Water Adventures

Designed with your safety in mind, it features a depth and temperature sensor to help plan your safety stop while being immersed in your underwater adventure. It displays real-time depth, temperature, and activity time and can be superimposed on the taken photos or recorded videos.



Achieve Crystal-Clear Photo

Enjoy capturing crisp, 4k-quality photos or videos using your smartphone. Its unrivaled clarity is perfect for taking mesmerizing underwater memories - no blurry and foggy photos!



Innovative Waterproof Protection

Well-sealed enough that you can submerge your phone underwater without it absorbing a single drop of water. The housing device protects your phone underwater at its maximum depth of 10 meters.



Power Long Dives With Long-Lasting Battery

Never leave a single moment undocumented. Its long-lasting, 8-hour battery life perfectly meets long diving requirements.



Versatile, Works with Most Devices

Compatible with phone sizes: H 165 × W 79 × D 10 mm. Suitable for iPhone 8 to iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21, Xiaomi 11 Pro, and Huawei P40. No more unclickable buttons. You can easily access the SublueGo APP during your water adventure.


Bring True Color Of Underwater Photos To Life

Its AI color correction feature automatically restores photos and videos to their original color. Say goodbye to the bluish or greenish images!



Make Your Underwater Shot More Creative

Offers a wide range of water documentation with time-lapse and professional shooting modes. It also features a selfie function and image preview capability. Plus, it allows you to take photos while recording your videos at the same time. With its undeniably amazing camera features, you can be more creative with your underwater photos.



Get Everything In The Picture

The wide camera angle offers a field of view much wider than that of the human eye, allowing you to focus on the important elements perfectly and creating a good balance of subject and background underwater.



Premium Sustainable Material

H1+ boasts its bio-based raw material - DURABIO™. It is researched and developed by Mitsubishi Chemical and features superb light transmission, UV-, strong impact-, and scratch-resistant. Designed to be eco-friendly, it prevents harmful bacteria from spreading with its antibacterial properties. Thanks to its exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, you will surely enjoy this waterproof case for a long time.



Share Your Exciting Sublue Adventure With The World

Effortlessly share your cinematized underwater moments with your family and friends using the SublueGo App.



Sublue H1+ Smart Waterproof Phone Case can be used with Sublue underwater scooters



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