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Do you want to take underwater shots but don't have the budget for expensive underwater photography equipment? Look no further. The Sublue H1 Smart Waterproof Phone Case lets you take high-quality and stunning underwater shots like a pro using your own smartphone.

Sublue H1 and H1+ Smart Waterproof Phone Cases can be used with Sublue’s top-rated underwater scooters.

  • H1 and H1+ attach perfectly well with WhiteShark MixPro using its built-in floater.
  • Choose WhiteShark Tini Travel, which comes with a floater, and easily attach H1 or H1+ to get that positive buoyancy to snorkel and fly through the water.
  • Support H1 or H1+ using a Sublue Expandable Phone Clip Kit atop any Navbow or Navbow+ and capture the most stunning underwater images.


Key Features

Turn Your Smartphone Into An Action Camera

The Sublue Waterproof Case H1 produces the image quality of a 4k camera, perfect for capturing stunning underwater shots. With its AI color correction feature, it automatically restores your photos and videos to their original color. You can attach it to your favorite Sublue Underwater Scooter, or you can use it on its own.



Keeps Your Smartphone Protected

The Sublue Waterproof Case H1 is made of the new ultra-durable, high transparency bio-based polycarbonate resin DURABIOTM material. It is waterproof for up to 10m (33ft) and is perfect for diving, swimming, and almost all fun water activities. With its fine Japanese craftsmanship, you will surely enjoy this waterproof case for a long time.



Take Photos And Videos Like A Pro

The multi-function buttons are designed with simplicity in mind. It has a 10x optical zoom, wide-angle lens, professional video recording modes, selfie mode, as well as the ability to take photos while recording your videos.



Compatible With Most Smartphones

You don't need to buy a new smartphone if you already have an existing one. The Smart Waterproof Phone Case H1 is compatible with 99% of the major smartphones in the market. Definitely value for your money!



SublueGo App

Make sure your fun underwater adventures don't go undocumented. Easily share your photos and videos with your family and friends using the SublueGo App.



Eco-Friendly And Antibacterial

This phone case is made from plant-derived, non-toxic, and non-polluting materials. It also has antibacterial properties that effectively block the spread of bacteria to protect our health.


It can be used with Sublue underwater scooters







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