Unifiber Board Protection Universal Double Density 3M Self Adhesive Nose Protector

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The Double-Density EVA 3M Self Adhesive Nose Protector Protects your board from catapult damage and impacts from the mast!

Two hard layers of EVA disperse the impacts and a softer layer beneath absorbs them. Features include lowered corners so your sail can easily move across the nose when water starting.

Available in: S, M, L and XL to ensure best fit for almost any board. No glue required. Please see the YouTube clip for fitting instructions.


Pros & Cons


👍 3M adhesive bonding - protector can be applied instantly - no glue required.

👍 Super-light design - because we know that nose weight is critical to performance and sailing pleasure.

👍 A "flexible fit" adapts perfectly to any board.

👎 Difficult to entirely eliminate 3M Adhesive after removal of protector from board.










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