Unifiber Hydrofoil Accessories Wing Harness Line Vario 26-34 Inch

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An adjustable harness line kit designed to be used with a wing.

The line features a sturdy Dyneema core that provides exceptional strength, ensuring reliability during your wing foiling sessions. The Dyneema core is further enhanced with a polyurethane (PU) tube covering, which reduces swing and increases stability, allowing for better control.

The extension rope included in the kit enables you to easily adjust the length of the harness lines based on your personal preferences and the size of your wing. This flexibility ensures optimal positioning and comfort, enhancing your overall performance on the water.




  • SKU: UF950040010
  • Description: Wing Harness Line Vario
  • Harness Line Length (Inch): 26-34
  • Master Carton Length: 10 cm
  • Master Carton Width: 60 cm
  • Master Carton Height: 10 cm
  • Master Carton QTY: 50
  • HS-Code: 95062900
  • Volume: 0.00012 m³




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