Unifiber Inflatable Wind Surfing Board RPM 280 SL - 15 PSI Max

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The RPM is dedicated to pure freeride windsurfing and comes with all the benefits of inflatable construction. It is an accessible board that brings fun and excitement to all rider levels – beginner to advanced.

With ample volume, the RPM iWindsurf is forgiving for novices who are taking their first steps. When not planing, the board can be fitted with the centre fin to limit sideways drift and track better upwind.

Its compact hull shape ensures early planning and the rail curves have been optimised for turns and gybes. The inflatable construction – highly resistant to damage from catapult falls –prevents costly dings and allows advanced sailors to fully concentrate on their sailing. A sharp PVC edge runs along the rails and tail of the board. This feature greatly improves water release, reduces drag, and improves the planing capabilities of the board.

The RPM iWindsurf uses diamond-pattern and directional-groove EVA deck padding to ensure the rider has an optimal grip at all times.

Unifiber Comfort Footstraps are supplied. These are bolted into the embedded inserts and provide the rider with maximum comfort and control.

Inflatable construction makes the RPM iWindsurf easy to store and transport.

Two construction options are available: The Single Layer version can be pumped to 15 psi. These are light weight and well-made boards with standard performance. The Fusion Composite Dropstitch version can be pumped to 20 psi. These boards have a more direct feel and are super stiff for the best possible performance.


Pros & Cons


👍 Very compact for storage and travel.

👍 Fusion Composite Dropstitch – best weight to stiffness ratio.

👍 Single Layer – lighter weight and standard quality.

👍 Sharp PVC edge improves water release and reduces drag.

👍 Friction Platform prevents baseplate over-tensioning.

👍 Centre fin minimises sideways drift in low wind sailing conditions.

👍 Twinzer fin setup assists with early planing and allows for practice in shallower waters.

👍 Superb grip with a diamond-groove pad in the middle and a directional-groove pad on the tail.

👍 Footstrap inserts prevent twisting.

👍 Supplied with a high-quality double-action pump (use double-action to inflate quicker, use single-action to reach higher pressure).

👍 Supplied with an ergonomic backpack.

👍👎 To prevent possible damage do not use excessive force to roll up your board, and do not put any weight onto the rolled-up board in storage.

👍👎 Use a Cardan type baseplate to connect a windsurf rig.

👍👎 SL construction is less stiff than FCS.















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