Unifiber Inflatable Windsurfing Accessories Wheeled Backpack Bag

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With this luxury trolley backpack you can carry your complete iSUP set, including paddle and pump, wherever you want. Roll it on the streets or carry it on your back when the terrain gets rough.

The large lid and the large zippers make it extremely easy to take out your board or put it in back in. The straps on the inside keep your rolled-up board in its place.

The two extra pockets are convenient places to store your fins and other accessories.


Pros & Cons


👍 Use the bag as a trolley or carry it on your back. You can go everywhere!

👍 Enough place for your board, pump and a 3pc paddle.

👍 Combination of a large lid and zippers. This makes it extremely easy to put in / take out your board.

👍 Extra pockets for fins and other accessories.

👍 Made from strong and durable materials.















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