Unifiber SUP Accessories Energy Aluminium Paddle 2PC | 3PC

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Developed as an all-around paddle, the Energy model is ideal for beginners or those going for durability.

The entire shaft is coated with EVA. This makes the Energy paddle very comfortable to hold as well as protects the board from accidental dings and scratches.

All Unifiber paddles feature an anti-twist system to keep the blade and shaft perfectly aligned.

With its convenient 3-piece setup, the paddle easily fits inside the iSUP bag.


Pros & Cons

👍 Comfortable grip with a full EVA shaft.

👍 Aluminium shaft and nylon blade for exceptional durability.

👍 Anti-twist system aligns blade and shaft.

👍 2 or 3-piece setup is easy to store and carry.

👍 Friction clip allows fluent length adjustment.

👍👎 Important: Do not extend the paddle farther than 210cm!This will put too much stress on the lock clip and might cause breakage.

👎 Heavier than fiberglass or carbon paddles.

👎 Less stiff than fiberglass or carbon paddles.
















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