Unifiber SUP Accessories Prodigy Aluminium Paddle 3PC

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A shorter shaft and smaller blade make the Prodigy an ideal paddle for young enthusiasts.

Durable, and with a long adjustment range, this paddle will remain at your junior’s side as they grow and progress.

The EVA grip over the entire shaft makes the paddle comfortable to hold, protects your board, and increases the buoyancy of the paddle.

The Prodigy paddle is available in a 130-170 cm 3-piece setup and comfortably fits into the iSUP bag.

An anti-twist system keeps the blade and shaft perfectly aligned.


Pros & Cons

👍 Comfortable grip with a full EVA shaft.

👍 Handle size match for smaller hands.

👍 Anti-twist system aligns blade and shaft.

👍 3-piece setup is easy to store and carry.

👍 Friction clip allows fluent length adjustment.

👍 Aluminium shaft and nylon blade are highly durable.












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