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Whether you're embarking on a journey abroad or heading to your local windsurfing spot, your gear needs to arrive safe and ready for action.

Our Pro Luxury boardbag range, consisting of 11 different sizes, is tailored to provide optimal protection for your windsurfing boards.

Manufactured using a high-quality tarpaulin material with a robust Water-Repellent Polyester (WRP) fabric on the top surface, along with PVC nose and tail reinforcements. Additionally, each bag is equipped with 6mm padding to offer enhanced protection.

The primary zipper is positioned away from the edges, preventing any scratching or damage to the tail when the board is stored upright.

Moreover, a secondary zipper at the back enables you to store the board without the need to remove the fin. Additionally, the board bag includes a convenient zip-closed pocket where you can securely store screws and tools.


Pros & Cons


👍 Separate fin compartment.

👍 Despite white surface area, it's easy to keep the boardbag clean.

👍 Because of the position of the zipper, it won't scratch the board when storing the board straight-up.

👍 The additional carry handle is convenient when you need to carry wider boards.

👍 The thick padding and strong outer layer protect your board well.
















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