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Boarbag Pro Luxury Foil is specially tailored for windfoil and wingfoil boards.

With a unique fin slot construction, you can easily store your board in the bag with the foil still attached. The bag also features a convenient zipper-closed pocket where you can store your screws and tools, ensuring that they are always within reach when you need them.

Crafted from high-quality tarpaulin material with a strong WRP (Water-Repellent Polyester) fabric topside and dotted PVC nose and tail pads, the Pro Foil boardbag offers the best protection for your valuable equipment.


Pros & Cons


👍 Because of the position of the zipper, it won't scratch the board when storing the board straight-up.

👍 The fin slot splits the back-end in two, making it possible to put the board inside the boardbag with the foil still attached.

👍 Despite white surface area, it's easy to keep the boardbag clean.

👍 Additional carry handle is convenient when you need to carry wider boards.

👍 Thick padding and strong outer layer protect your board well.















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