Unifiber Travel Bags Foil Wing Cover Sets

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Our foil bag solution lets you choose which parts of your foil must be protected. The wings? The mast? Both? Configure it yourself!

Foil wings are an essential component of your foiling setup, providing lift and stability during flight. To keep them in pristine condition and prevent damage, it's important to protect them with reliable wing covers.

Our covers feature thick padding and a sturdy outer layer that extends the lifespan of your foil. With 14 size options available, you can easily find the perfect fit for almost any wing.

Our wing covers can be used with a fully assembled foil or when stored separately, providing versatile protection for your gear.


Pros & Cons


👍 A large range of sizes covers virtually any wing.

👍 Combine the wing covers with the mastbag to completely protect your foil.

👍 The thick padding and strong outer layer protect your foil wings well.

👎 Wings with a large wingspan are not completely covered at the center of the wing. If you prefer to have the wings completely covered, but with a little empty space inside the cover, we advise to buy one size larger.















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