Unifiber Travel Bags Mastbag RDM And SDM Fit

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High-carbon-content masts are valuable items that demand protection. Unifiber’s high-quality mastbags have an excellent finish and plenty of padding for transporting, storing and travelling with precious masts. Featuring white, tear, moisture and heat-resistant tarpaulin fabric on one side and Water Repellant Polyester (WRP) on the other.


Pros & Cons


👍 Transparent PVC window allowing to read mast specifications.

👍 Water Repelling Polyester smooth surface is easy to keep clean from dust and dirt.

👍 Dotted PVC finishing adding durability.

👍 Easy to open even if mast is inserted deep into the bag due extended velcro close / opening function.













My mast has an uneven base and top length, does my mast fit into the Unifiber mastbag?

  • Yes, all Unifiber mastbags are designed to fit mast which have uneven base and top length. So just look the length spec of your mast and choose the right size Unifiber mastbag and it will fit.


What does 1 Year Unconditional + 1 Year Conditional warranty cover?

  • Warranty is valid 2 years after date of purchase. When making a warranty claim in the first year the product is unconditionally warranted. When making a warranty claim in the 2nd year the product must have clearly suffered from a manufacturer error.


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