Unifiber Wind Surfing Sails Maverick Dacron HD

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Windsurf Schools, Centers, and Clubs look no further!

Based on the feedback of a large group of professionals we have added the next level of dacron learner sails to the range. These Dacron HD sails are dedicated to windsurfing schools and centers that teach newcomers to windsurfing.

The rigs are 3D designed on durable recommended RDM Epoxy masts with a correct amount of mast stiffness (IMCS) helping to optimize the performance in both stable and gusty-wind locations. When the sail will be equipped with the recommended mast and boom the total rig weight will be kept to a minimum for the best user experience.


Pros & Cons


👍 Dacron sailcloth and PVC window for ultimate (UV) durability.

👍 Lower batten protection strip.

👍 PVC / Webbing strip reinforcement on footpanel.

👍 Padded board protector.

👍 Batten wear protection.

👍 Vario top.

👎 No sailbag delivered as this sail is targeting windsurf schools who ultimately will use this sail until end of life.


Sail Specifications






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