Unifiber Windsurfing Accessories Beach Trolley

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Tired of carrying all your gear from A to B? This beach trolley might be your all-in-one solution.

Easy, eco-friendly transport for any kind of windsurf, sup or surf board. The air pressured wheels provide smooth rolling and work well in loose sand.

This beach trolley stores easily in the car or garage with o tools required for assembly/disassembly.

Dimensions when packed down are 65 x 60 x 12cm. Tie down straps are included in the package.


Pros & Cons


👍 Air pressured wheels for smooth, comfortable rolling.

👍 Easy to disassemble.

👍 The frame functions as a stand while positioning the board.

👍 Tie-down straps included.

👎 Aluminium, over time, will suffer from corrision when used around salt water environments.




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