Unifiber Windsurfing Footstraps Elite Ultra Light EVA Beat Strap

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The new benchmark of light-weight footstraps. Its core consists of a stiff, heavy-duty strap that is surrounded by a 3D moulded EVA padding providing ergonomic instep support. The EVA is laminated with lycra allowing the rider to smoothly step in and out of the straps.

With the slotted extension system, the strap size can be precisely adjusted.

The footstrap maintains its shape and doesn't absorb water.

The beatstrap is a longer footstrap mainly used on Raceboard class board for sailing close-hauled.

We recommend using Cobra Footstrap Flange Plate STL M6 when attaching the Elite Ultra Light EVA Beat Strap to the board.


    Pros & Cons


    👍 Light-weight and durable materials.

    👍 Little water absorption.

    👍 Comfortable padding.

    👍 Shape-retaining.







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