Unifiber Windsurfing Mast Extensions Elite RDM V2 Carbon (U-Pin)

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RDM Elite V2 Carbon Mast Extension design is about maximizing both performance and durability.

Through heavy chop, racecourse or waves, Elite V2 Carbon Extension maintains the integrity of your rig.

The pre-preg carbon tube keeps the weight low and gives a responsive feel to your rig. The connection between the carbon tube and the stainless steel base of the extension is direct and stiff.

Operating the open-and-slide adjustment collar is easy and can be done even with one hand.

The extension's base is flat with no grooves or protrusions, making rigging bare-foot friendly.


Pros & Cons


👍 Extra strong construction keeps your rig together in the toughest conditions.

👍 Responsive feel.

👍 Superb durability.

👍 Light weight.

👍 Easy and intuitive rigging.

👍👎 2 pulleys.

👍👎 Carbon tube is more vulnerable to impact damage. So avoid dropping this mast extension on the ground.








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