Unifiber Windsurfing Mast Extensions SDM V3 Aluminium (U-Pin)

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This new V3 version combines features of the V2 and HD version. It features a superior quality polyamide base for higher strength, even easier downhauling based on 3 available pulleys (with an option to configure as an 8:1 system as per the HD version).

The light weight tube is unchanged from the V2 version. The collar is a Polyamide 'Open, Twist, Slide & Lock' lock system. Supplied with standard 4mm polyester rope.


Pros & Cons


👍 8:1 downhaul ratio.

👍 Price / Quality ratio.

👍 Solid and compact for barefoot-friendly rigging.

👍👎 Care needed to properly close collar to prevent deformation when downhaul applied.

👍👎 For ultimate durability choose the HD version.






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