Unifiber Windsurfing Rig Pack Experience EVO II Dacron Complete Rig

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The outlines of the original Experience EVO sails have been updated to accommodate users of all ages. A must-have for any serious parent or windsurfing/SUP school.

After several seasons of user feedback, Unifiber has developed its Dacron school rig program to deliver the best possible learner experience. Light, strong, UV resistant and durable in harsh sandy environments they offer amazing longevity for years of satisfaction. Leech control allows them to perform in both stable and gusty-wind locations and the color-coded boom sides are perfect for instructor communication.

The unique colorways-per-size feature also allows for a strong image and easy accounting for clients on the water. Not to mention they look awesome in the racks too!

Make windsurfing look cool for the rippers of the future!

The package features a neat bag for re-sale, storage and transport.

A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Kids/Beginner/School Rigs by Windsurf Magazine.


Pros & Cons


👍 Size related to colorway - easy recognition for centers.

👍 A-symmetrical boom grips for easy communication with students.

👍 3 to 4 batten layout for maximum stability in higher wind areas (sails does not behave like a flag) when uphauling the sail.

👍 Blind stitched footpanel prevents wearing.

👍 Added luff curve to keep sail leech closed in higher winds.

👍 Dacron for durability in UV demanding location, sail can not rip as easy as monofilm.

👍 PVC window panel.









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