Vantage Batwing Wing Surfing Wings

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Progress your #freeride
Elevate your #aerials
Cruise with #speed
Drift the #waves


Batwing - Worlds 1st driven wing









Batwing A true missile
Efficiency defined - Data-driven wing design


Whilst the industry dove into this new sport head first, we've been investing in defining the requirements needed to make Batwing outperform. After three years of development and performance validation, we are sure Batwing will fulfill all your performance needs.

The Batwing has been designed to cover multiple riding disciplines. It benefits from rigid hard handles and a performance-orientated profile choice. Its dihedral shape ensures stability while the high canopy tension ensures a powerful, lag-free and direct riding experience.


Fly world 1st data-driven wing development
Advantage through #science


1000+ hours of aerodynamics
Countless design variables have been studied through the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. The result: a highly balanced, fast-accelerating wing with optimized drift and great jump ability.





Evolve your Freeride
The Batwing is perfectly balanced and stable for a comfortable freeride session while retaining a stiff profile for high efficiency.




Prone and drift the waves
The dihedral V-shape of the Batwing assures great drift and high maneuverability so you can focus on riding the waves.




Fly in freestyle
The Batwings flat profile has been designed to provide great lift and minimal drag so you ride fast and fly high!




Overtake with speed
The Batwings profile has been designed to maximize acceleration so you can benefit from a fast forward and great upwind drive.




Optimized structural design
Performance in control

Grip System

Rigid & direct control handles
The Batwing benefits from rigid hard handles with a front grip option for direct response and efficient power transfer.



Highly pre-loaded canopy tension
The Batwings pre-loaded canopy tension enables for an undistorted airflow and a lag-free pump experience for instant power delivery.





Optimized airframe rigidness
The Batwings optimized airframe results in a stiffer and more efficient wing geometry which gets you going in a few powerful pumps.





Ultimate dihedral stability

The Dihedral angle increases lateral stability on the roll axis. This keeps the wing perfectly balanced so you can focus on riding the swell.

Stabile drifts down the line with ease
The batwing is the perfect companion when gliding waves





Fast Forward Profile
The Batwings profile is shaped progressively and steepest at the front. Low drag, high forward drive, and great stability summarizes the Batwings profile choice.





Performance aspect
The Batwings outline shape has been designed to reduce tip strike and the effective aspect ratio increases the overall performance of the wing.



Batwing design in detail
Detailed & thought-through canopy design



Bottom canopy view
The canopy design has been optimized for maximum endurance. The double-layered trailing edge and the reinforcement along the leading edge ensure maximum durability in demanding conditions.




Top canopy view
The canopy design has been optimized for maximum endurance. The double layered trailing edge and the reinforcement along the leading edge ensure maximum durability in demanding conditions.


Premium Construction & materials
Batwing is assembled with superior precision using industry leading high-quality materials.


Construction, function and premium durability
Industry standards, improved.



2x High-Flow One Pump
Batwing embeds 2x a 10mm one-pump system helps you to inflate and deflate your Batwing with ease.


High-Flow Valve
Effortlessly inflate & deflate your Batwing. The highly compatible twist & lock valve ensures a great set up experience.


Triple Ripstop X3 Canopy
The canopy is laser cut and assembled with extreme precision using industries premium and highly durable Triple Ripstop X3 fabrics.



X3 Seam Reinforced

The triple seam reinforced leading edge has been relocated resulting in extra arch stiffness and providing in optimal ridigity and durability.







Are you ready for take off?

Fly the data driven future of wingfoiling














2 Years Warranty - Lifetime support. 

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