Vantage Nano 2.5M Kitesurfing Kite

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Vantage Nano 2.5M Kitesurfing Kite

Elite Kitesurfing kites are on sale now. With over twenty brands, you are sure to find the right kite for you. There are plenty of places to get kites, but quality has become scarce. High On Adrenaline has the highest quality kitesurfing kites in the market, with safety being our biggest concern. There is no better place to look than here providing great quality, service, and passion. All kitesurfing accessories are sold at High On Adrenaline as well. Find the quality you've been missing.

Explore and evolve with Nano 


Tiny size, hugely exciting

The all-new Nano has been implemented in the 2023 range to accelerate the learning curve and to simplify the step up towards a full-blown-size kitesurfing kite.

The Nano is a strutless 2.5m2 kite which can be flown on a 4-line kite control bar like the Vantage Newton. Now starters can comfortably explore kite control and get used to the flight dynamics of flying with a 4-line de-power system. Nano has been developed especially for flight exploration purposes. Nano offers an easy relaunch, bomb-proof construction and it handles all demanding conditions with ease.


Kitesurfing Kite Styles


Lightweight strutless design


Precise Handling & Control


Premium & bombproof flight exploration







2 Years Warranty - Lifetime support. 



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