Vantage Vulture Gen3 Kitesurfing Kite

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Vantage Vulture Gen3 Kitesurfing Kite

Elite Kitesurfing kites on sale now. With over twenty brands, you are sure to find the right kite for you. There are plenty of places to get kites, but quality has become scarce. High On Adrenaline has the highest quality kitesurfing kites in the market, with safety being our biggest concern. There is no better place to look other than here providing great quality, service and passion.

  1. Elevate in #kiteloops
  2. Outperform in #freeride
  3. Break records in #big-air
  4. Accelerate in #foiling 


Designed to #outperform in multiple riding disciplines

Introducing Vantage's most exciting kitesurfing kite to date. The new Vulture Gen3 is completely redesigned, utilizing unique aerospace design techniques combined with the involvement of over 500 development riders worldwide.

Our data-driven design method enabled us to analyze & optimize over 300 wingtip variations, over 200 arch-designs, and countless air-foil profiles, resulting in a fast steering kitesurfing kite that provides extreme lift and exciting kite loop performance.


Optimized structural design for maximum performance & reliability



Hybrid 3-Strut Platform

The new Vulture airframe has been further optimized to find the perfect balance between structural behaviour, weight & aerodynamic performance.




Optimized LE Segmentation Kitesurfing Kite

Structural analyses have been applied to optimize the Vultures Leading Edge design. The optimized LE segmentation results in better twisting while steering, increasing the responsiveness & stability.




Dynamic Open-Arch Design

The new arch has been completely redesigned. Its organic linear shape allows for optimized twisting and deformation while remaining extremely solid & stable.



Kitesurfing Kite Styles


Outperform in Freeride

The new Vulture is developed for performance freeride and big air. The kitesurfing kite provides linear power and keeps you riding comfortably in a huge wind range.




Break Big Air records

Vulture Gen3 provides exciting lift and hangtime. Lighter steering and increased response allows you to perfectly time all your take offs. Break your big air records with ease.




Elevate your Kiteloops

The new arch design and integrated Aileron-X struts result in a responsive kite with a smaller turning radius. Kiteloop big with a guaranteed safe catch.




Accelerate in Foiling

The Vulture kitesurfing kite generates plenty of power in lighter winds. Its low drag profile allows you to ride upwind and fast easily. The controllable lift enables you to improve your tacks and gibes.



Kitsesurfing Kite Specifications


Vulture Gen3 Highest aerodynamic efficiency achieved to date (9.2 L/D)


Are you ready to set your new record?


Over 300 wingtip variations, over  200 arc-designs and countless air-foil profiles have been analyzed. Resulting in our most efficient kite design to date with up to a stunning 9.2 L/D lift to drag ratio. 





Aileron X Strut

Introducing Aileron X Strut

New on Vulture Gen3


The Aileron X Strut features a newly added strut segment that magnifies your steering input by 11% while maintaining the optimal strut angle of attack and air-foil profile efficiency when steering. This new feature results in a faster turning kitesurfing kites with lighter and more direct steering. 







Aileron X Proven

This airflow visualization shows the impact of Aileron X. The left side visualizes the magnified steering input (airflow vortex) enabling for faster turning and steering response, the right side visualizes a traditional strut layout.



Premium Construction & materials

The Vulture Gen3 kitesurfing kite is assembled with superior precision using industry leading high-quality


Construction, function and premium durability
Industry standards, improved.


High-Flow One Pump

The new ultra short 15mm one pump system helps you to inflate and deflate your Vulture kitesurfing kite with ease.



High-Flow Valve

Effortlessly inflate & deflate your Vulture kitesurfing kite. The highly compatible twist & lock valve ensures a great set up experience.



Load Frame

The integrated load frame provides optimized structural stiffness and ensures a solid & bombproof airframe.



Teijin X3 Canopy

The canopy is laser cut and assembled with extreme precision using industries premium and highly durable Teijin X3 fabrics.



Dual-layered Trailing Edge

The new updated dual-layered inlet trailing-edge design reduces oscillation with 28%, optimizing the durability & lifespan of your Vulture kitesurfing kite.



X3 Seam Reinforced

The triple seam reinforced leading edge has been relocated resulting in extra arch stiffness and providing in optimal ridigity and durability.




Are you ready for take off?
Fly the data driven future of kiteboarding Fly Vulture Gen3


Available sizes
7/8/9/10/12/ 14















2 Years Warranty - Lifetime support. 


Vantage Vulture Gen3 Kitesurfing Kite 

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