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Elite Kiteboards on sale now. With over twenty brands, you are sure to find the right board for you. There are plenty of places to get kiteboards, but quality has become scarce. High On Adrenaline has the highest quality kitesurfing boards on the market, with safety being our biggest concern. There is no better place to look other than here providing great quality, service and passion.

Flysurfer Trip boat




Flysurfer Trip Stats


Grab the TRIP and explore the most beautiful surf spots in the world! The split board fits comfortably in typical suitcases or with two kites in the included bag. This all-around performance twin tip matches perfectly with our lightweight foil kites.  



Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard Motion


The TRIP motivates us to enjoy the freedom and calls us to explore, discover and unite with our love of kitesurfing. It saves you costs, space, and struggles. 

  • Constant rocker curve
  • Stepped tip channels
  • Progressive concave
  • Ergonomic outline
  • Medium flex pattern


Flysurfer Trip Plane


The TRIP kiteboard is fun and playful to ride. It jumps excellently, is easy to turn, and avoids water spray. The crossover shape impresses with control and good top speed.

Mount our comfortable “SQUAD Pads & Straps” with great adjustability. Our split board simplifies travel, making long-haul and multi-destination holidays more effortless and affordable. 

Size Chart

Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard Chart

TRIP2 Assembling Instructions


Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard Graph



Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard HD



The TRIP kiteboard is super easy and quick to assemble. Take one board half, attach the PU connecting piece, and put the other half on top. Use both fastener pins to lock the connection.


Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard Zoom


The innovative three-piece construction features a PU connecting piece to join the split board seamlessly. The unique S-shape reduces wear and distributes the load on both board halves equally. These are secured with two rail-to-rail aligned fastener pins. The PU connecting piece can be replaced.



Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard upside down



The FIREFIN is a two-component injection-molded fin system for twin-tip kiteboards. The fins are made from two high-quality materials; a hard, engineering-grade, recyclable thermoplastic body and a marine-grade, durable silicone skirt that is corrosion-resistant and UV stable. They can easily be unmounted without using tools.  


Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard concept



Designed with a full-length wood core made of responsibly grown paulownia wood. The wood guarantees the optimal mix of flex, responsiveness, and dynamic recovery force. The board is strong, light and durable.



Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard Side



The kiteboard has a rounded and short toe edge. The ergonomic outline increases comfort and maneuverability when riding on the toe side and gives you a unique carving feeling.



Flysurfer Trip angle


Our boards have a high-quality UV coating to ensure a long product life. The board graphics are protected under the coating, so they will not get damaged even if the board is slightly scratched.

Board Accessories

Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard footstrap


Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard footstraps


Flysurfer Trip part


Flysurfer Trip Single Strap


Flysurfer Trip Close up


The SQUAD is our premium binding, which is built on a solid base plate and can be easily mounted on any TwinTip board. It transmits your movement precisely and can be adjusted to large and tiny feet with various setting options. It supports your radical or relaxed riding style with incredible shock absorption. The highly comfortable SQUAD binding can be adjusted to your preferred stance. One size fits all!



Flysurfer Trip tip


Flysurfer Trip Box


The FIREFIN system engages with multiple “clicks”. When connecting, the lip compresses to seal the mechanism and load the system with counterforce. Counterpressure from the highly durable silicone lip ensures strong stability and smooth ejection. The marine-grade silicone seals the system and protects it from debris. Press the side buttons firmly to hear multiple “clicks”. Then pull away the fin.


TRIP Travel bag


Flysurfer Trip motion


Flysurfer Trip Kiteboard Bags

Simplify your plans and travel conveniently. You can comfortably fit the TRIP kiteboard, two control bars, two kites, your wetsuit, and a harness into this travel bag. We recommend the SOUL product line to experience the ultimate freedom while traveling and on the water.


Scope of delivery ‘ready-to-ride’:

  1. TRIP² Splitboard
  2. SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set
  3. SQUAD Grab Handle
  4. FIREFIN Fin-Set 50mm
  5. TRIP Travel bag
  6. Assembling Instruction

Scope of delivery ‘board only’:

  1. TRIP² Splitboard
  2. FIREFIN Fin-Set 50mm
  3. Assembling Instruction



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