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Elite kiteboards on sale now. With over twenty brands, you are sure to find the right board for you. There are plenty of places to get kiteboards, but quality has become scarce. There is no better place to look other than here providing great quality, service and passion. Shop at High On Adrenaline now.


Dedicated strapped or strapless kiteboard

A favorite amongst experienced kitesurfers the Jackson Chromatic kiteboard is lighter, stronger and more agile than any other ABS technology kiteboard on the market.

Achieving a robust snowboard style that’s light is no easy task but our team gets it done. A one piece pad provides the perfect blend of comfort and perfect balance between grip and control.

This kiteboard also features our Trim Track foil connection allowing you to tune your ride and achieve your preferred position in the board.

Available in 3lengths, 140cm perfect for foil beginners or heavier riders,128cm for medium to advanced riders either strapped or strapless and 112cm for the more experienced riders.

Shinn Jackson Prismatic Kiteboard chart


Shinn Jackson Prismatic Kiteboard rating

Main Features

  1. Trim Track Equipped
  2. Light, Stiff and Durable


  1. 112 x 45 Intermediate to expert level
  2. 128 x 45 Intermediate to expert level
  3. 140 x 45 beginner to intermediate level



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