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The Superking range is dedicated to performing lighter winds and for heavier riders. Not every spot is deep enough to foil nor is every rider willing to lose time on the water to learning again.

Maximum fun in minimum winds with a board that won’t hold you back if the wind increases a few knots. TT riding is not a crime, the Superking is unashamedly directed towards those previously frustrating days where your regular freestyle model just won’t come to life.

Using an adaptation of our Split Concave base, this range provides for exceptionally early planning, a smooth and comfortable upwind ride all combined with a performance that will both surprise and delight.

More kiteboarding is better than less kiteboarding. We don’t all have the luxury of perfect conditions but the Superking guarantees on-the-water action that won’t have you rushing back to the beach if the wind increases a few knots.

 Shinn Superking Prismatic Kiteboard Chart


Shinn Superking Prismatic Kiteboard Rating

Kiteboard Main Features

  1. Comfort Fit 160 for Extreme LW
  2. Classic Fit 146 and 150 for maximum wind range
  3. Ideal for XL riders


  1. 146 x 46cm (53mm fins) (rider>65kg Lightwind; rider < 90kg all round board)
  2. 150 x 50cm (53mm fins) (any weight rider)
  3. 160 x 45cm (43mm fins)Ultimate light wind performance



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